To discuss the particular membership category suitable for you please contact:

Adult membership - Alan Kemp (email) 07983337304

Junior/mini membership - Lisa Kemp (email) 07747623865

 Alternatively, contact us at

New Members should contact the club coach for a playing assessment to ascertain the appropriate membershiop category before submitting an application form. The coach, Alan Kemp, will need to confirm your membership category prior to any payment being made. You will not be allowed to play until this process is completed and the correct fees have been paid.

New adult members are also liable for a one-off joining fee of £20 (Seniors) or £10 (Midweek)

 BTC Membership Rates - April 2022 

The Club season runs from 1st April to 31st March.  New adult members are also liable for a one-off joining fee of £20 (Seniors) or £10 (Midweek)


Full Playing Membership

This category is open to those whose standard of play is sufficiently high to enable them to take an acceptable part in “club play” sessions. Full playing members have priority over others at certain times of the week. Students and young persons under 18 are entitled to become full playing members at a greatly reduced subscription providing their standard of play and behaviour merit it. Adults under the age of 30 are also entitled to a significant discount.


Senior £268

Junior/ Senior - £74

Student £74



Midweek Membership 

This category is open to those accepted as suitable playing members who agree to confine their playing time to Mondays to Fridays before 5pm.


Midweek £138



Intermediate Membership 

This category is intended for those players whose standard does not allow them to be offered full playing membership immediately. It comprises group coaching sessions and the opportunity to practise with other members at certain times. It is expected that in due course intermediate members will progress to become full playing members and, accordingly, the Club reserves the right, after one year, to review the terms of their membership. Please see contact the coach or membership secretary for further details.


Intermediate - (includes 10 group coaching sessions)

Over-30s  £160

30 and under - £122



Adults under 30 years of age

This category is for individuals under the age of 30 but no longer students. We offer this option in recognition of the financial pressures experienced by young adults in this age group.


Adults under 30 years of age £80



Junior Membership 

This category is open to all those under 18 years of age. It entitles them, if they wish, to group coaching sessions for a modest cost ( payable direct to the coach) and gives them priority over other members at certain times of the week on certain courts.


Junior - £65



Mini Academy Membership

This category is for younger children aged 4 -10 years. Mini tennis is played on a smaller court, with a small racquet and a more user friendly ball. The aim is to provide a safe environment in which children can have fun and learn the necessary skills and tactics to enable them to progress readily to proper tennis. 

There are separate sessions for those aged 4 to 6 , those aged 6 to 8 and those aged 8 to 10 years. Fees for attendance at coaching sessions are not covered by the subscription and must be paid direct to our coach.


Mini Academy £33


Parent Practice Membership

This category is for parents or guardians of existing junior members. They may practise with their own children but not with other members.


Parent Practice Member £82




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